Why Decentraland’s Pump Looks Good for These New Metaverse Cryptos on Presale

Why Decentraland’s Pump Looks Good for These New Metaverse Cryptos on Presale

Decentraland (MANA) has had a rough last 12 months, as many different crypto projects have. In the last 12 months, as of January 16, MANA has dropped in value by 75.8%, all the way down to $0.70.

However, Decentraland has certainly turned it around of late. In the last 30 days, MANA has gained 93.71% in value. That’s an incredible turnaround story and one that could continue well into 2023.

There are conflicting ideas as to why MANA is doing so well. But, one thing is for sure … the MANA pump looks good for these new metaverse cryptos on presale — Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG), Fight Out (FGHT), and RobotEra (TARO). Let’s dive in further about this below.


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Why Is MANA Pumping?

Decentraland has long been seen as a crypto project with a ton of long-term potential. But, then the crypto dip of 2021-2022 happened, and it lost a whole lot of its value. Now, though, it’s starting to turn itself around in a big way. But, why?

One of the top reasons is that people and companies are really starting to invest in the metaverse in big ways, and Decentraland is one of the most well-known metaverse crypto projects. MANA got a huge boost recently when Samsung Electronics America launched its Samsung 837x store on Decentraland. 

The goal for Samsung is to provide users with a unique metaverse experience and playground where they can discover all the unbelievable possibilities that the metaverse can provide. The fact that Samsung launched on Decentraland is a major reason why MANA has been pumping recently.

The problem for MANA itself is that the boost in value may be tied just to this Samsung announcement. In other words, there aren’t diverse reasons why Decentraland is all of a sudden a good buy. While it may have great long-term outlook, it could come crashing down based on the success of the Samsung metaverse project.

One thing the MANA pump does is tell us that there’s a ton of potential in metaverse crypto projects that are well-designed and have the right approach. Three of the top metaverse cryptos that fit into this category are Meta Masters Guild, Fight Out and RobotEra. Let’s discuss them below.

Meta Masters Guild — A Shift to Play AND Earn

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) is a new metaverse crypto that’s changing the approach of Play-to-Earn (P2E) to Play AND Earn (P&E). In this way, the community is focusing on providing fun games first and foremost. The belief of the developers is that if the gaming community is only designed for users to profit off of it, then it’s not likely to be sustainable for the long-term.

By developing fun games and focusing on this fun first and foremost, then it’s creating a highly active and engaged community that is likely to continue investing in it. Users will literally own everything they own in the game, and all the assets will be verifiable and tradeable on the Ethereum blockchain.

MEMAG has immense potential as a metaverse crypto. It’s in early presale stages now, meaning the price will likely never be this low again. Act now before the price soars.

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG)

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Fight Out — Revolutionizing Move-to-Earn

Fight Out (FGHT) is revolutionizing the Move-to-Earn (M2E) segment of the crypto industry. This fitness and gym app allows users to track their real life workouts so they can improve their avatar’s stats as they progress. This goes way beyond just tracking the number of stats that users take in a day and rewarding them for it.

By making it easy to track their progress through the avatar, users will be incentivized to invest in themselves and motivated to stay on track and not “fall off the wagon.” There are impressive rewards that users can earn on Fight Out, and they can also get amazing classes as they level up their health and live a healthier lifestyle.

Fight Out is in early presale, with the price being much lower now than it ever will in the future. So, buy now before the value soars.FGHT is here>>>Buy Fight Out Now<<<

RobotEra — Creating New NFT Communities

RobotEra (TARO) is a new sandbox-like, planet-rebuilding metaverse. Users can enter the beautiful planet of Taro to rebuild it after a long war. They’ll do so by taking the resources of the planet and building whatever their mind can dream up. They’ll become robot avatars and can create robot companions and even collaborate with other users.

In doing so, they’ll be creating new NFT communities that will bring true value to the platform. And since everything is built right around the central $TARO token, the value of the entire platform and ecosystem is likely to soar.

Users are going to be incentivized to not only create on the platform, but continue to invest in what they have. What’s more, users will be able to vote on the future of the platform, making it a truly inclusive environment. Users love this aspect of RobotEra, as they often don’t have this type of control on other metaverse platforms.

It’s a major reason why RobotEra has such immense potential, and why traders are jumping in right now. RobotEra is in early presale stages, so buy now before the price soars too much more. 

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MANA Pump Shines Bright Future for These New Metaverse Cryptos

There’s no doubt that Decentraland is pumping now. And while people are flocking toward MANA recently, it’s not certain whether the metaverse crypto will continue to pump for long.

That being said, MANA’s pump looks good for these new metaverse cryptos on presale — Meta Masters Guild, Fight Out and RobotEra. All are in early presale stages, which makes them all great buys right now. In fact, they make for better buys than MANA because of their low price coupled with the excellent long-term outlook.

So, buy now before it’s too late.

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