Make Sure You Buy D2T on These CEXs before Price Pumps in 2023

Make Sure You Buy D2T on These CEXs before Price Pumps in 2023

While the vast majority of crypto influencers were certain that this early part of 2023 won’t bring any significant changes in the market, we’re yet again witnessing how fast things can turn around when it comes to cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin is just a few hundred dollars short of $20,000, Ethereum is surging by 20%, and what’s most interesting, is a few newly released tokens showing huge profit potential.

Out of these new cryptos, the one that stands out the most is Dash 2 Trade.

Remarkable features, state-of-the-art analytics, media hype, and several major CEXs secured… things are looking phenomenal for this crypto trading platform.

And investors say that it’s only going to get better.

Here’s why you should invest in D2T right now and what makes the profit a ticking “profit bomb”.

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The FTX Collapse Increases Demand for Dash 2 Trade

The FTX crash has crippled a lot of day-to-day traders, which is why the team behind Dash 2 Trade decided to launch the platform a bit earlier than expected.

With an increasing number of scams going on, there’s a massive demand for a project like Dash 2 Trade, an analytics platform that offers on-chain data analysis, robust indicators, trading alerts, and a lot more.

In other words, investors will be able to properly assess whether a project is legit, get all the relevant details about it, and see whether the hype around them is justified.

In a sea of negative FTX consequences, it’s very rare that we have one that’s actually positive like Dash 2 Trade.

Analysts State that the Features Are Something “We’ve Never Seen Before”

There are a lot of amazing things to like about Dash 2 Trade, but the features it introduces to this niche market are unlike anything we’ve seen before.

For example, traders can use the presale analysis feature to understand what a new presale project is all about and whether it has any real potential to bring profits once it goes viral.

It obtains this data by checking the team behind the project, its level of innovation and uniqueness, community hype, etc.

For crypto newbies, there’s a strategy testing feature where you can play around and make ‘imaginary’ trades to see how they would perform in real life, without putting any money on the line.

Social indicators and on-chain analysis are also included, which along with the technical indicators, will provide much deeper insight into market trends than you can see nowadays.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

There’s also API trading, social sentiment analysis, trading competitions, a risk profiler, and dozens of other features.

In general, crypto trading robots have been “stagnating” for a long time, but the release of Dash 2 Trade has stirred things up, and the platform has set a new standard for future projects.

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Major CEX Listings Already Secured  

Another interesting thing about the project is that Dash 2 Traded already secured several listings while it was still in presale!

This was a massive indicator for investors to get in early and buy D2T tokens for the huge discount that was presented in the presale.

Right now, D2T tokens are listed on major crypto exchanges such as, Changelly Pro, LBank, BitMart, and Uniswap. According to some recent announcements, there are a lot more listings in the pipeline for the next few months.

On the listing day on, Dash 2 Trade saw a surge that led to the price of $0.06, before falling back to $0.02 once more.

This volatility isn’t surprising; after all, the project was released less than two weeks ago and is still solidifying its place on the market.

An increasing number of investors are getting in with each day, plus the 70,000 active members on the associated platform Learn2Trade that are also rapidly getting their batches of D2T.

Overall, this currently dropped price poses an excellent opportunity for traders that didn’t manage to join the presale. Launches a $12,000 Trading Competition 

From January 13 – 20th, will be hosting a $12,000 trading competition in which D2T traders will have a chance to win some amazing rewards.  

You can participate in three types of activities. The lowest tier is inviting a friend to join the platform and receiving $10 for it, while the highest tier is trading $10,000 worth of D2T for a $5,000 share. The best-ranked trader will receive $800. d2T

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The Bottom Line

Ever since it went viral, Dash 2 Trade has been on a ‘success spree’, scoring wins in each aspect.

New investors are getting in every day, the community is entirely supportive, the beta dashboard is already counting thousands of users, and there are a lot more new CEXs in the pipeline.

Considering all of this, it’s not surprising that dozens of industry experts are calling Dash 2 Trade the most “undervalued token at the moment”.

If you get in right now and the forecasts come true, you could very well see 30-50x profits by mid-2023.

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