“Tied to a tree deep in the forest.” More animals are entering the shelter this winter

As the shelters point out, after the death of loved ones, it is the animals who become superfluous and unnecessary to anyone.

“If a dog is chipped, it’s not so easy to throw it out, because we can find the owner. With cats, unfortunately, it’s much more difficult, because cats are anonymous, they can be thrown out, taken somewhere further. And such cases are also frequent, so the call people from which houses and say:

yes, we saw, a car drove up, threw the cats out to us. Cats are cute, domestic cats. You can see – there have been pets of their owners, but they have simply been brought and dumped at other people’s homes, in a strange place,” said Diana Elekse, representative of the animal shelter “Ulubele”.

It is the vigilance of people that helps save animals in distress. Often even entire colonies of animals end up in the shelter.

The program says that shelters are currently overcrowded. Many of the animals have been living in shelters for several years, but the hope of finding their owner and their home has not been lost for anyone.

Zaļā Josta - Reklāma