“Mogo”/LSPA and “Prizma” start the OHL playoffs with victories

“Mogo”/LSPA won 7:1 (4:0, 2:1, 1:0) at home against Vilnius “Hockey Punks”, taking a 1-0 lead in a series of three wins.

In the first 20 minutes of the game, Reinis Mārtiņš Lejnieks, Gustavs Bergs, Toms Opelts and Artūrs Ozoliņš beat the goalkeeper of the Vilnius team, giving the hosts a 4-0 lead.

In the first half of the second period, Tads Kumeliuskas scored the only goal of “Hockey Punks” in this match, and in the remaining part of the game, “Mogo”/LSPA hockey players sent three more pucks into the visitors’ goal, with Nikita Lashchenko being accurate and Patrik Trasunas excelling twice.

“Mogo”/LSPA goalkeeper Henry Anch dealt with nine out of ten opponents’ shots, while Artūrs Pavlyukovs saved 58 pucks.

On the other hand, “Prizma” beat Hockey School “Rīga” (HS “Rīga”) with the result 3:2 (0:2, 1:0, 2:0) in the home game, making the series 1-0.

In the first third, Jānis Bullītis and Krists Retenais put the visitors in the lead. In the second period, the first goal of “Prism” was scored by Emīls Ezītis, but in the final third, the goalkeeper of HS “Rīga” was beaten by Edijs Brahmanis and Kristaps Millers, forging the home team’s success.

Jānis Auziņš managed 15 shots in the “Prism” goal, while Aksel Ozols saved 35 shots at the other end of the court.

In the other two “play-off” duels, in which the first matches will be played on Thursday, Riga “Dinamo” will face Kaunas “City”, while “Zemgale”/LLU will play against Elektrēna “Energija”.

Eight of the nine teams that started in the regular championship entered the OHL “play-off”. The season has already ended for the hockey players of “Daugavpils Ledus Sporta Skola”/”Dinaburga”, who finished in ninth place.

2021/2022 “Zemgale”/LLU of Jelgava won their first Latvian championship title in the season of 2002, defeating the previous champion “Olimp”/”Venta 2002” 4-0 in the final series.

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