Metaphor: ReFantazio has over 40 archetypes, here’s how they work in battle

Metaphor: ReFantazio has over 40 archetypes, here’s how they work in battle

Close up on three Metaphor characters, with blue-haired male protagonist in the centre and fairy companion

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Atlus has provided new details on the battle system of its forthcoming RPG Metaphor: ReFantazio, which includes over 40 archetypes to play as.

As shown in the recent Atlus showcase for the game, archetypes are essentially a job system for characters to switch between, divided between 14 lineages.

These archetypes can be managed in the Akademeia, a library-esque facility that works comparably to The Velvet Room from the Persona games. It’s here the protagonist will awaken new archetypes, which are first discovered by forming relationships with NPCs associated with that type.

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The full list of known archetypes so far is as follows:

  • Seeker – a versatile, well-rounded job
  • Mage – exploit weak points with magic
  • Thief – skilled in robbery abilities
  • Brawler – excels in fist-fighting
  • Warrior – excels in sword attacks
  • Knight – has outstanding defensive skills
  • Healer – recovery abilities
  • Commander – support and formation skills
  • Gunner – long-distance shooting
  • Merchant – money-related attacks
  • Faker – “tricky” moves

Further, players will then unlock evolved archetypes by strengthening their bond with NPCs. These higher tier archetypes include the Masked Dancer, the Summoner, and the Berserker. It’s through the multiple lineages and evolutions that over 40 archetypes are available in total.

For example, the Seeker lineage begins with the Seeker archetype, which evolves to the Magic Seeker to wield wind magic and passive effects. This then evolves to the Soul Hacker, for more powerful magic including MP recovery and penetration resistance. Similarly, the Gunner, evolves into the Sniper and then Dragoon.

As a result, it’s through the archetype system that battles and relationships are tied together, as strong bonds with supporters will impact battle proficiency – something that’s developed from Persona.

Previously, Atlus outlined both the action and turn-based command combat system. This showcase provided new information on the command system, which is an evolved version of that originating from Shin Megami Tensei 3 with the ability to exploit enemy weaknesses for additional turns.

Party members can be positioned in the front or back of battle, with certain archetypes excelling in specific positions – put your mages and gun-wielders at the back!

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What’s more, the Synthesis system allows party members to combine archetype attacks into powerful skills that allow access to new elements or attack types. It ensures there are numerous ways to configure a party and explore their abilities. And with the party expanding to seven members later in the story, there’s an exciting amount of room for experimentation.

Archetypes will also impact the action combat, such as changing the weapon for fast strikes on individual enemies or spells that target multiple enemies to eliminate groups of weak foes at once. It’s clear, then, the archetype system is integral to every element of combat.

And as with the Persona games, Metaphor will include a network feature, here allowing players to compare their party setup with others online and then instantly switch to match, providing an in-game sense of community for players to guide each other.

Metaphor: ReFantazio is set for release on 11th October across Xbox Series X/S and PC, with its release date announced in April where director Katsura Hashino described the game as “the culmination of our RPGs”.

Before this, Atlus detailed how Metaphor builds on gameplay elements from the Persona series with its fantasy election.

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