Avowed can be played in third-person, Obsidian confirms

Avowed can be played in third-person, Obsidian confirms

Yatzli in Avowed

Image credit: Obsidian

On its release, Avowed will include a third-person gameplay mode.

Developer Obsidian confirmed this little nugget of information earlier this week, as part of an Xbox podcast. While debuting new footage from the studio’s upcoming RPG, Avowed director Carrie Patel casually stated: “Yes, we do have third-person.”

“A lot of the footage we’re going to see today is first-person, but we do have a third-person option for players who prefer it,” Patel continued.

Obsidian released an Avowed Story Trailer at the Xbox Games Showcase on Sunday.Watch on YouTube

The Avowed team further reiterated this point on social media platform X, with a post, that simply read: “Third. Person. Gameplay.”

This was met with plenty of praise from its community. “And sold. Absolutely incredible to see. Fully on board,” came one reply.

Others noted this is a change from the studio’s previous release The Outer Worlds, which stuck with a first-person focus.

Third person gameplay in Avowed

Screenshot from the Xbox podcast YT video showing Avowed being played in third-person

Screenshots from the Xbox podcast YouTube video showing Avowed being played in third-person. | Image credit: Obsidian/Xbox

Avowed is set to make its debut later this year, across PC, Xbox Series X/S and Game Pass on day one. Earlier this week, the studio accidentally let slip a November release, however this was soon scrubbed from the internet. When Eurogamer asked Microsoft for further comment on the game’s impending launch date, it told us the team would “have more to share soon”, so stay tuned.

For more, our Chris sat down with Avowed’s director Carrie Patel and art director Matt Hansen to find out more about what we can expect on the game’s release.

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