“McDonald’s” creates unique gourmet burgers in cooperation with leading Baltic food bloggers

“McDonald’s” has created gourmet burgers in cooperation with TOPfood bloggers from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Latvian food blogger Anna Birmane, known as Anna Panna, together with Džana Luka Demarko (Lithuania) and Hungry 4some (Estonia) have created original recipes especially for McDonald’s gourmet burger line “Maestro”. Starting today, August 10, the new burgers are available in all McDonald’s restaurants in the Baltics.

“As a leading restaurant chain, we are always looking for new ways to surprise our guests and provide them with a unique taste experience that is only available at McDonald’s restaurants. It is with great pleasure that we present today a new item on our menu – “Maestro” burgers, created in special cooperation with leading food bloggers from Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. This is an unprecedented collaboration between our brand and Baltic food bloggers, creating unique recipes for the McDonald’s menu in the Baltics. The creation of the new “Maestro” burgers combines researched, high-quality ingredients, our knowledge and experience in making burgers, the professional craftsmanship of bloggers and knowledge of local culture. As a result, the new burgers have an unprecedented taste that reflects the special temperament of each Baltic country. I am sure that the new Maestro burgers will be appreciated by even the most demanding gourmets,” says Vladimir Janevski, General Manager of McDonald’s in the Baltic States.

Food blogger Anna Birmane (Latvia), Džans Luks Demarko (Lithuania) and the Hungry 4some team of food bloggers from Estonia – Kertu Ratuss, Rasmuss Eisma, Susanna Kēmāgi and Marlēna Valdmā – have created two original recipes for McDonald’s gourmet burger line “Maestro” – with beef and chicken. The recipes are developed using only the highest quality McDonald’s ingredients from McDonald’s suppliers, including premium beef and chicken as the basis of these burgers, fresh vegetables and greens, crispy buns and expressive combinations of sauces. The work on the creation of the recipes went on for several months, tasting and combining the ingredients and conducting several taste tests.

“One of my childhood dreams was to celebrate my birthday at McDonald’s and see how burgers are made. As a child, I didn’t have the opportunity to experience it, but several years later I have the honor of collaborating with McDonald’s and other food bloggers from the Baltics on the development of Maestro burgers. Over the past months, we’ve been tasting burger ingredients together and enjoying countless flavor combinations to create the perfect burger. Countless moments of joy have been experienced during the entire project, but – most importantly – great taste has been created,” says the well-known Latvian food blogger and cookbook author Anna Birmane, who is one of the authors of the new “Maestro” burger recipes.

For the Maestro beef burger, food bloggers have used premium beef, cheddar cheese, juicy tomato, jalapeño, iceberg lettuce, arugula, red onion, crispy bun and a unique tomato barbecue sauce.

The Maestro Chicken Burger has been flavored by food bloggers with crispy chicken, Emmental cheese, tomato, iceberg lettuce, arugula, mayo sauce, a crispy bun, and a super delicious relish sauce in the main role.

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