In Latvia, the progress of the Stradiņa hospital construction project will be evaluated; works will be completed at the end of the year

Paula Stradiņa klīniskā universitātes slimnīca

On Tuesday, January 31, the government reviewed the informative report prepared by the Ministry of Health on the restoration and energy efficiency improvement and renovation project of the historical buildings of the Paul Stradins Clinical University Hospital (PSKUS), including the planned deadlines and cost of construction works.

The project was initially planned to be completed in 2022, but the deadline was extended by a year – all works are planned to be completed by the end of 2023. The total project budget is 3.46 million euros.

The project of restoration and improvement of energy efficiency and renovation of the historical buildings of the hospital includes the following activities:

renovation and reconstruction of the heat supply unit;

improving the energy efficiency of the historical 21st building and adapting the premises for the provision of outpatient services;

territory improvement;

improving the energy efficiency of the historic 5th building and adapting the premises to work in epidemiological conditions.

The total cost of the project is estimated at 1.3 million euros. In connection with the increase in costs, it was decided to cover the construction works of outpatient offices from the hospital’s budget, but to divert the funding provided for it in the project to cover the increase in costs for the implementation of other activities. The planned, but unused funding in the budget of the Ministry of Health for the priority measure “Land and real estate acquisition investments in RAKUS, RPNC and PSKUS” was diverted to partially cover the additional price increase, in accordance with the law “On the state budget for 2022”. On the other hand, the rest of the price increase will be financed from the hospital’s budget, from the investments included in the hospital’s investment plan, but not used – savings have occurred during the investment process or operations have been replanned.

PSKUS is a multi-profile hospital that provides full-scale emergency and planned medical assistance, as well as provides pre- and post-diploma education, conducts scientific research and ensures the testing and implementation of new treatment methods and technologies in Latvia. The hospital is a state capital company in which all the capital shares belong to the state, the holder of the state capital shares is the Ministry of Health.

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