In Latvia: Member of the European Parliament Dace Melbārde is visiting Valmiera

On Friday, February 3, Valmiera was visited by Member of the European Parliament Dace Melbārde and Mārtiņš Drēģeris, adviser to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia on communication issues.
The guests were introduced to the development of Valmiera region, including in the cultural sector, after the implementation of the administrative-territorial reform. The vision for the development of the Dynamic City was discussed, which started when the Valmiera region was a candidate for the title of European Capital of Culture 2027. During two years, a high-quality cultural development strategy matrix of Valmiera city and district was developed. It should be mentioned that more than 500 residents, more than 200 partner organizations in 49 countries, ten European capitals of culture and five candidate cities participated in the development. Opportunities for Valmiera region to get involved in the “New European Bauhaus” initiative were also discussed, thus promoting and strengthening cross-sectoral development. This environmental, economic and cultural initiative connects design, sustainability, accessibility and investment to achieve the goals of the European Green Deal. Dace Melbārde informed about the possibilities and trends of the cultural sector and cross-sectoral cooperation in the European Union, including the potential support opportunities for local governments.
“Dace’s visit to Melbárde is important for Valmiera, considering both the implementation of the “Dynamic City” successor program of “European Capital of Culture 2027” and the cultural strategy of the region resulting from it. Processes in culture continue at a professional, high level, both in cross-sectoral cooperation, where “Kurtuve” and the Valmiera Drama Theater are a clear example, and in the implementation of future programs throughout the year,” says Liene Jakobsone, deputy head of the Culture Department of Valmiera municipality for cultural policy issues. The aim is to promote the recognition of the culture of the city and the region, allowing to be aware of and inviting to discover the unique, local cultural potential of the place. The priorities are the creation of the emerging contemporary art space “Kurtuve” as an international contemporary culture and interdisciplinary venue; development of the multimedia direction in the region (from February 27 to March 5, the first international multimedia festival will take place in Valmiera); strengthening communities and promoting cooperation by inviting local communities to get involved in the development of their place of residence.
Dace Melbārde met with Jānis Baikas, Chairman of the Valmiera County Municipal Council, Valmiera’s chief architect Zanda Laps, Head of the Culture Board Tomas Upner, Deputy Head of the Culture Board for Cultural Policy Liena Jakobsons, Head of the “Valmiera 2027” artistic program Reina Suhanova, board members of the association “Valmiera Development Agency” chairman Ilzi Eglāju and Unda Blaumani, head of the Valmiera co-creation workshop “Dare”.
The guests in the historical center of Valmiera visited the future cultural center of Valmiera Castle, where a new exposition “de Woldemer” will be opened soon – stories about the history of Valmiera can be seen, read, heard and touched. He got to know the temporary home of the Valmiera Drama Theater – the future contemporary art space “Kurtuve”. He also learned about opportunities for every resident in the “Dare” co-creation workshop of Valmiera.

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