Fallout 76 is currently experiencing a huge surge in players, but is it any good now?

Fallout 76 is currently experiencing a huge surge in players, but is it any good now?

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Watch Ian test out the single-player experience.

Like a lot of people right now, I’ve been bitten by the radiocative bug that is the Fallout TV show. Because of this, I’ve been diving into Bethesda’s back catalogue of games in order to get my Fallout fix now that I’ve binged my way through the series.

On yesterday’s VR Corner for instance, I installed a hefty mod list for Fallout 4 VR in order to try and create the most immersive experience possible. Unfortunately however, I’m basically computer illiterate and things didn’t exactly go according to plan

For today’s live stream (above), I decided to revisit Fallout 76, a game that I bounced off of quite hard back when it first released. The answer to the question that I’ve posed in the headline to this video post really does depend on personal opinion but, as you’ll see in the video, I’ve actually been really enjoying my return to Appalachia. I played for approximately 90 minutes and it was great to see lots of NPCs in the current iteration of the game as they were completely absent when I first played it in 2018.

I’ve mostly been playing Fallout 76 solo and it now has a rather nice ‘Fallout 4.5’ vibe to it which has really been scratching that Fallout itch for me. As you’ll be able to see in the video, there are plenty of opportunities to go off and get distracted by side-quests and also some lovely emergent moments in its massive open-world too. Like when I accidentally wandered into the path of a gigantic Sorchbeast and its radioactive pals!

If you’re keen to see how Fallout 76 is faring now, 6 years after its initial release, or you’ve been wondering if it works as a single-player game because the thought of the MMO stuff just doesn’t do it for you, please do check out today’s video. I honestly do think Fallout 76 is worth a look-in at the moment, especially while it’s currently on sale/free in some places!

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