12m players have got in a lather with PowerWash Simulator

12m players have got in a lather with PowerWash Simulator

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PowerWash Simulator Back to the Future DLC showing the series' very grubby steam train

Image credit: FuturLab

PowerWash Simulator has passed an impressive player milestone, really proving that a little dirt won’t hurt. In fact, it has given us a quite a lot of dirt, and we are more than ok with that.

Earlier today, developer Futurlab announced that 12 million players had donned their overalls, grabbed their hoses, and washed away more grime than I ever thought possible since the game’s early access release in 2021.

This, Futurlab said, was all thanks to a number of DLC expansions, which include the likes of Warhammer 40K, Final Fantasy 7 and SpongeBob SquarePants.

There was also a free Tomb Raider-themed update that showed us how filthy Lara Croft really is. Winston, I now almost feel bad for locking you in the freezer all those years ago.

PowerWash Simulator Back to the Future Special Pack Announcement
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To mark this milestone, FuturLab has unveiled its new website, which teases the studio’s ambitions to create more games with the same zen-like spirit and “frictionless fun” as PowerWash Simulator.

“We are continuously in awe of the impact our game has made on people. Now with a staggering 12 million players, it’s clear that there’s a desire for games like PowerWash Simulator that provide a soothing sense of satisfaction – and we intend to make them,” FuturLab boss Kirsty Rigden said today.

So, what do you hope the studio does next?

For more on Powerwash Simulator, our Tom sat down to chat with the developer last year, where they discussed the game’s success and what could be next in the (hose) pipeline.

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