You can now play Xbox games over cloud using Amazon Fire TV sticks

You can now play Xbox games over cloud using Amazon Fire TV sticks

As long as you have Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

A promotional image showing Xbox Cloud Gaming running on a TV.

Image credit: Xbox/Microsoft

Following Microsoft’s announcement it’s teaming up with Amazon to bring Xbox games to Fire TV devices via cloud streaming, the initiative is now live for Game Pass Ultimate subscribers.

Getting set up for console-free gaming with Fire TV is relatively straightforward; just download the Xbox app to a compatible device – Amazon’s Fire TV Stick 4K and Fire TV Stick 4K Max are both supported – then sign in with an active Xbox Game Pass Ultimate account.

That’ll give you access to Microsoft’s streamable Xbox Game Pass library (a 20 Mbps internet connection over 5GHz Wi-Fi is recommended for play), with the last step being to connect a Bluetooth-enabled controller. The likes of the Xbox Wireless Controller, Xbox Adaptive Controller, and PlayStation DualSense are all supported.

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Today’s Fire TV rollout (which is available across 25 countries) follows the 2022 launch of Microsoft’s Xbox app for Samsung TVs. Xbox boss Phil Spencer previously confirmed the app was Microsoft’s new approach to bringing cloud gaming to the masses after it pulled the plug on its own Xbox cloud gaming device, codenamed Keystone, back in 2022.

A patent seemingly showcasing the ill-fated Keystone device’s external design recently appeared online, matching the “old prototype” version that set tongues wagging when it was spotted on Phil Spencer’s shelf in October 2022.

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