Xbox Is Killing Unofficial Controllers, Will It Nuke XIM And Cronus ‘Cheaters’?

Xbox Is Killing Unofficial Controllers, Will It Nuke XIM And Cronus ‘Cheaters’?



There’s a new report out of Windows Central that starting this November, that Microsoft will no longer let “unauthorized” third-party accessories be used on Xbox. Players will instead be hit with an error “0x82d60002” if they try to use them.

Xbox is saying outright to get a refund for those devices and that players should look at a list of what accessories are authorized on its website. That list can be found here. It’s not just Xbox-branded gear, there are plenty of third party devices here that have indeed made deals with Xbox. Reportedly this new policy may be about expanding third party devices to also be able to use wireless functionality, which most currently do not.

However, many players are hoping that this also targets users of a pair of systems, XIM and Cronus, that allow for what many console players would consider cheating. XIMs allow a mouse and keyboard to be used on a console where they would still benefit from controller-specific aim assist. Cronus, meanwhile, can use scripts that increase aim assist, reduce recoil and alter other settings. While specific games have targeted these systems before, the “unauthorized” change here could prevent their use on the entire Xbox ecosystem.



But emphasis on “could.” WC editor Jez Corden, says that as of now, there’s now indication this will affect XIM/Cronus as that has not been confirmed because of the new change. They’re not necessarily accessories in the most traditional sense, ie. a controller or game pad or steering wheel. Cronus, for instance, actually uses a licensed controller, so you could see how there would be a way around this. But it will be up to Microsoft to decide if they’re going after these accessory-adjacent products.

There are some complications with this, however, as many players say that these devices can be used to combat accessibility issues for players that need them and have no desire to “cheat.” That may be a factor in Microsoft’s decision, as they have been extremely involved in accessibility access for Xbox, including creating the Xbox Adaptive Controller.

So no, I do not think we can say that Cronus and XIM are dead on Xbox, despite this news. This change will not be implemented until November 12, and I suppose we’ll see if they stop working when that update hits, or if Microsoft decides to address the question directly before that.

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