Which games will get Sony’s PS5 Pro “Enhanced” label?

Which games will get Sony’s PS5 Pro “Enhanced” label?

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Report details criteria, as PlayStation takes down leaked docs from YouTube.

PlayStation 5 Slim digital edition packaging.

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Sony’s unannounced but widely-expected PlayStation 5 Pro should run games at 60fps with ray-tracing, upscaled to 4K resolution using the console’s fresh PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution (PSSR) technology.

This is Sony’s preferred standard for PS5 Pro, The Verge reports, though Sony will also allow games to boast of being PS5 Pro “Enhanced” while offering lower frame-rates if they still offer a boosted maximum resolution on Pro compared to how the game runs on the vanilla PS5.

A third option allows for a game to be described as PS5 Pro “Enhanced” despite having no frame-rate or resolution boost, if its developer enables new ray-tracing effects for a visual difference. This too could qualify games for the PS5 Pro “Enhanced” sticker, the report continues, which Sony plans to display on game boxes and on digital store pages.

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While this might all seem obvious, Sony has also clarified where the “Enhanced” label cannot be applied: when games with variable resolution see a small bump but their maximum resolution remains the same. Somebody get Digital Foundry on standby.

This latest report joins an avalanche of details on PS5 Pro now floating around the internet, the bulk of which seem to have been leaked by external companies with access to Sony’s own internal development servers.

Earlier this week, a video posted by YouTube channel Moore’s Law is Dead was taken offline by a copyright claim from Sony itself. The video purportedly showed the actual PS5 Pro development documents from Sony, which the PlayStation manufacturer clearly took a disliking to.

Screenshot showing Sony takedown of a YouTube video due to a copyright claim.
Sony used a copyright claim to take down footage of its own internal PS5 Pro documentation. | Image credit: YouTube / Eurogamer

Eurogamer previously corroborated the leaked PS5 Pro console technical specifications posted by that channel, which show a boost to PS5 Pro’s system memory and GPU. The souped-up machine has an identical CPU to the vanilla PS5, though Sony’s new ‘High CPU Frequency Mode’ will provide a 10 percent speed increase here, albeit with a one percent hit to GPU performance.

Another report by The Verge earlier this week claimed that Sony expected all new games to launch with support for both PS5 and PS5 Pro, while older games will gain patches to unlock improvements when played on the newer hardware.

Sony has reportedly set a deadline for developers to ensure any game submitted to it for certification ahead of release will support PS5 Pro, beginning in August, ahead of the console’s expected public release later this year.

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