Warframe launches on iOS later this month

Warframe launches on iOS later this month

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“The same expansive, high-quality, sci-fi RPG experience will soon be available on your iOS device.”

Warframe comes to iOS

Image credit: Digital Extremes

Digital Extremes’ fan-favourite sci-fi RPG, Warframe, is coming to iOS later this month.

Courtesy of the game’s recently-launched cross-play and cross-save systems, players will be able to use – and switch between – platforms, which DE says offers the “same expansive, high-quality” experience on Apple devices as it does on PC and consoles.

Players can access their Tenno collection across the platforms, whilst new arrivals will be able to claim “Day 1” login rewards.

Warframe | Warframe on iOS – Coming February 20!

Warframe | Warframe on iOS – Coming February 20!

“Warframe is Bullet Jumping onto iOS!” the team said. “The same expansive, high-quality, sci-fi RPG experience available on PC and Consoles will soon be available to enjoy on your iOS device beginning February 20.

“Continue your unique Warframe journey anywhere, with anyone, using full Cross Platform Save functionality. Whether you’re an active veteran looking to join your Squadmates on the go, or a brand-new visitor to the Origin System, you’ll also be connected to Warframe’s vast community of Tenno with the existing Cross Platform Play feature that unites everyone across all platforms.”

Just a couple of weeks back, Digital Extremes announced that free-to-play sci-fi shooter Warframe’s long-awaited cross-platform save feature was finally available to all players.

Digital Extremes has been slowly working away on Warframe’s cross-platform support for a number of years now; cross-play was first introduced back in December 2022, while cross-save – enabling players to pick up where they left off regardless of the platform they’re playing on – starting rolling out in December last year.

As Matt points out, if you want to take advantage of Warframe’s new cross-save feature, it’s well worth having a thorough read of Digital Extreme’s lengthy FAQ before you begin.

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