The State Revenue Service of Latvia welcomes the biggest taxpayers of Latgale in 2021

The State Revenue Service (hereinafter – SRS) annually welcomes Latvia’s best taxpayers – smart, honest, sustainable and responsible entrepreneurs who form the basis of Latvia’s economy. This year, the largest taxpayers are honored for the twenty-fourth year, and today SRS welcomes the taxpayers of the Latgale planning region in the category of large, medium and small companies.

With sincere joy and gratitude, the SRS congratulates the winners in the Latgale region:

AS “LATVIJAS MAIZNIEKS” with the “Taxpayers of the Year Award 2021” in the category of large companies in the Latgale planning region;

SIA “Light Guide Optics International” with the “Taxpayers of the Year Award 2021” in the category of medium-sized enterprises in the Latgale planning region;

SIA “Daugavpils erzebetons” with the “Taxpayers of the Year Award 2021” in the category of small companies in the Latgale planning region.

Director General of SRS Ieva Jaunzeme states that this award is gratitude for the payments made by the company for teachers’ salaries, improving the health of citizens, strengthening national defense and other no less important needs. “You are excellent mediators between consumers and SRS, while hiring a large number of employees and making social contributions for them in good faith. Also, such companies are an excellent example of the fact that those companies that are ready to work can successfully do so in any region of our country,” says I. Jaunzeme.

In total, this year SRS will present awards to 15 Latvian companies, awarding one company in the category of large, one medium and one small company in each of the five regions of Latvia. In the near future, the awards will go to the laureates of other regions as well.

As recognition and gratitude of the SRS for the responsible work, this year the companies receive the already traditional award made especially for this award, the visual solution of which is a symbol of internal growth and life, as well as a letter of appreciation. In the context of the award, the tree has been chosen as a symbol of successful business and sustainable economy, which marks the path from the moment of a new business idea to its successful implementation and development, thus contributing to the economy and well-being of the entire country.

The nomination and evaluation criteria for the 2021 tax payer awards are set out in the regulations specially developed for this purpose, which are available on the SRS website in the “Companies / Good practice for entrepreneurs / Awarding the largest tax payers” section.

Zaļā Josta - Reklāma
Zaļā Josta - Reklāma