Ukrainian singer Loboda will perform in Riga with a big concert

On June 10, the popular Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda will perform at the “Wondersala” concert square. The concert will take place as part of the “Made in U” big charity world concert tour, portal informs.

During her career, the singer released four albums, many of which collected millions of listens in Europe and the CIS countries. All of the artist’s videos on YouTube reached a total of more than 1.5 billion views.

At the Riga concert, Loboda will present the compositions of the new album “Made in U”, as well as perform his more popular songs. “Made in U” today occupies the first place in the Ukrainian charts and leading positions on musical platforms in more than 20 European countries.

“I will sing because music heals. Because we must all continue to live with love and faith in our hearts.
For a moment, we will break away from reality and dive into a world where there are only you and me” – says Svetlana.

Half of the funds obtained from the tour concerts will be transferred to the support of Ukraine. Tickets for Loboda’s big concert are available at all “Bilešu Serviss” ticket offices.

Zaļā Josta - Reklāma
Zaļā Josta - Reklāma