Twitch now allows simulcasting to other platforms

Twitch now allows simulcasting to other platforms

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Plus Guest Star is now Stream Together.

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Twitch streamers can now simulcast on any platform.

That means streaming simultaneously on Twitch as well as competitor platforms like YouTube and Kick.

It’s a move that will help streamers grow their viewership both on and off the platform, even while Twitch develops further tools to aid with growth like the recent Discovery Feed and Stories.

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Streamers with a Twitch exclusivity agreement won’t be able to simulcast, however an FAQ for the update notes that if Partnered streamers left for another service they can now reapply for the Partner Programme.

Still, Twitch CEO Dan Clancy is still struggling to be made Partner himself.

“We truly believe that Twitch is the best service to be a live, interactive creator, and we want to give streamers more freedom in just how they want to build their communities,” Twitch VP of community product Jeremy Forrester told Polygon, adding the decision was “community driven”.

The announcement was made at the opening ceremony for TwitchCon Las Vegas over the weekend, following the Paris convention in July.

Other announcements include a change of name for Guest Star, a feature that allows streamers to invite others on screen. Now it has a focus on streamer to streamer collaboration and has been renamed Stream Together.

Stream Together will show the combined viewership of all the streamers collaborating. In addition, it will be expanded to add a favourites list, a do not disturb option, and the ability to merge chats into one.

Twitch also announced tweaks coming to Featured Clips to make them easier to feature, a vertical clip option is coming to the Clip Editor, and the Off-Service Policy has been updated to include swatting and doxxing as behaviours Twitch enforces against.

You can read up on all the updates from the opening ceremony on the Twitch Blog.

Twitch’s Stories feature went live last week, allowing social media-style posts in the platform’s app.

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