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Mājas Entertainment Turkish Band Mavi Signs to Warner Music

Turkish Band Mavi Signs to Warner Music

Turkish Band Mavi Signs to Warner Music

Photo Credit: Mavi

Mavi, one of the most popular bands in Turkey, has signed a worldwide recording deal with Warner Music.

Warner Music has announced the signing of the popular Turkish band Mavi to a worldwide recording deal. Their new song, “Sen Ve Yıldız,” due to release in November, will be their first on Warner Music, with a version in English to follow.

Founded earlier this year by 19-year-old Mavi Solman following his solo success, the band also features Arda on drums, Denizcan on bass, and Oul on guitar. The group has already received critical acclaim for their music, which pays homage to the legacy sounds of the ‘80s, blending them with warm analog synths.

Mavi is set to travel to London to record more new music, with plans to release three songs, performed in Turkish and English, in the next few months. They have primarily played Mavi Solman’s solo hits across Turkey, winning over fans with electrifying live performance.

“We’re super excited about the journey ahead. Our music is simply good! Borderless, seductive, and liberating. We want to get under your skin, and for you to feel free and moved. We want to conquer everyone and want to be conquered by the love of everyone,” the band says. “In each step, we want to create and influence more. We’re hungry like a wolf to make and to share more music, and basically all we want is for YOU to crave for us in every turn. Stay tuned!”

“We’re ecstatic at joining forces with such a talented band, to have the privilege of sharing their remarkable work internationally, and uplifting them to create more of their musical magic all around the world,” adds Gülce Ünal, General Manager at Warner Music Turkey. “The road ahead of us is shining with borderless possibilities, and we can’t wait to show the world what Turkey has been going insane for.

Alfonso Perez-Soto, President of Emerging Markets at Warner Music, concludes: “When I first heard Mavi’s music, I was blown away. These guys convey genuine emotions through bold lyricism and extraordinary live performances. They’ve already taken Turkey by storm, and their upcoming English version of “Sen Ve Yıldız” will help them take their electrifying sound to more fans around the world.”

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