The Riga Porcelain Museum announces applications for the 17th international exhibition of small-form porcelain “Pure color”

LATVIA, RIGA – Artists are invited to submit their works to the 17th international small-form porcelain exhibition “Pure color” until August 18, 2023.
The exhibition at the Riga Porcelain Museum will be held from October 20, 2023 to December 10, 2023.
The Riga Porcelain Museum has been cultivating the tradition of international small form porcelain exhibitions since 2006. The exhibition covers a wide range of artists every year, 20 to 30 authors from at least 7 different countries participate in it. Artists are invited to submit their latest works, which were created within the last 2 years and meet the technical requirements of the competition – the porcelain artwork is no larger than 21 x 21 x 21 cm and no smaller than 13 cm. This year, when it will be held for the 17th time, the theme of the exhibition is “Pure color”.

Color and non-color. Chromatic and achromatic. Primary colors, counter colors, warm and cool tones and halftones. Color, color area is one of the formal techniques in visual arts. By using shades of the tonal spectrum and depicting light, it is possible to achieve the illusion of volume and realistic portrayal. On the other hand, by arranging color areas in rhythms, symmetrical and asymmetrical compositions, it is possible to obtain an abstract expression. Color affects our senses.
“Pure color” invites artists who work with porcelain to focus on color as a medium of expression. In a three-dimensional work of art, of course, the shape, tectonic structure and silhouette of the object are crucially important, but how does the meaning and perception of the work change if color is the dominant means of expression? Pure color?
Applications for the exhibition can be submitted until August 18, 2023, by sending a completed form and photos of the work to [email protected].

The rules and form of the competition can be found on the website of the Riga Porcelain Museum –

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