The popular French musical “Red Shoes” will be shown in Riga

On May 12, the premiere of the French musical “Red Shoes” will take place for the first time in Latvia at Daile Theater, portal informs.

“The Red Shoes” (“Les Souliers rouges”) is Andersen’s fairy tale that tells about life, about human choices and rejection. It is the story that resonates with people’s hearts close to dreams, values ​​and principles.

Created by Marc Lavoine and Fabrice Aboulker, this show combines original chansons with classical dance and features three young famous singers: Loryn Nounay, Guilhem Valayé and Benjamin Siksou.

Isabel, a young girl with a pure heart, goes to Paris to fulfill her dream of becoming a prima ballerina. Victor, a well-known choreographer, decides to stage the cursed ballet “Les Souliers rouges”.

Legend has it that the devil haunts the corridors of the opera house and has hidden magic shoes containing a trap: “He who wears them will gain fame, but he must renounce love, otherwise the curse will be terrible.”

It will not be so easy for Victor and the dancer to succeed, as the love of young journalist Ben puts Isabella to the test and forces her to choose between love and dance.

The show is complemented by vivid video projections, a light show and stage transformations. The event will take place in Riga as part of the European concert tour. Tickets for the musical are available at all “Bilešu Serviss” ticket offices.

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