The ANN Aftershow

The ANN Aftershow

We’ve long joked on the podcast about the quality of light novel writing, but the news is out that the developers of the RyokoAI project have scraped Shosetsuka ni Narou…are fully machine-generated LNs in our future?

Plus: Things get gorier in Kaiju No. 8, the world of yatagarasu politics unfolds, and the newest episode of Delicious in Dungeon introduces monster-mommy Falin.

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Meet the Hosts!

As executive editor of Anime News Network, Lynzee Loveridge has the unique position of knowing what’s tracking with the critics and with viewers in the anime fandom. She not only writes her own reviews every season but also reads everything from ANN’s editorial staff! Outside of work, she’s just a magical girl living in a Junji Ito world.

James Beckett is one of ANN’s resident series reviewers and he’s never shy to let the world know how he really feels. You can find his impressions of the latest shows in the Preview Guide and well as episode reviews for hit anime series.

Jacki Jing is ANN’s lead video producer and resident punch ’em up fangirl. You can find her binge-watching the latest shonen battle royale series, kicking ass on Twitch, and hosting events from esports to voice actor interviews.

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00:00:00 – Intros
00:05:20 – So they went and scraped Narou
00:27:30 – Delicious in Dungeon releases a new monster mommy and the world is forever changed
00:33:33 – Kabru kinda freaks me out, guys
00:40:30 – The neurodivergent-coded confrontation between Toshiro and Laios
00:46:31 – Would you eat a harpy egg omlette
00:52:30 – Yatagarasu features some expert backstabbing
01:00:10 – Buchio break
01:08:30 – Kaiju No. 8 discussion

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