Switch 2 won’t suffer from component shortages, Nintendo says

Switch 2 won’t suffer from component shortages, Nintendo says

And no Switch 1 price drop on horizon.

Product shot of the Nintendo Switch OLED.

Image credit: Nintendo

Nintendo’s Switch 2 won’t be hit by the same component shortages that blighted the launch of other recent consoles and led to months of product scarcity and scalping.

Speaking to investors this week, Nintendo said it had now “resolved” the issue which had seen it unable to manufacture enough Switch 1 hardware to meet demand in previous years. Both Sony, with PlayStation, and Microsoft, with Xbox, faced similar shortages for their own parts.

“That situation has now been resolved,” Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa said of Switch 1 stock. “As for the
successor to Nintendo Switch, at present we do not think shortages of components will significantly affect production.”

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Indeed, Nintendo said it felt positive about its ability to launch and supply Switch 2 consoles overall, as it was taking steps to ensure its expected release next year went as smoothly as possible.

“We believe that the most important countermeasure against reselling is to produce enough units to meet demand,” Furukawa continued. “This thinking has not changed since last year. In addition, we are taking into account circumstances in each region and considering what measures can be taken within
the limits permitted by law.”

Nintendo is yet to formally announce Switch 2 or detail when it will likely arrive, but Eurogamer understands the console is now due in 2025, following earlier plans to launch it in time for Christmas 2024.

In the meantime, don’t expect Switch 1 to get any cheaper, either.

“Currently, we cannot provide any information about the launch timing or pricing strategy for the successor system,” Furukawa concluded. “In addition, we are not currently considering a price change for Nintendo Switch.”

Nintendo has said it will make the announcement of Switch 2 before the end of “this fiscal year” – so before 31st March 2025.

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