Simone Biles Addresses Controversy Surrounding Husband Jonathan Owens’ Viral Interview

Simone Biles Addresses Controversy Surrounding Husband Jonathan Owens’ Viral Interview

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Simone Biles still can’t believe the number of people who flipped out over her husband Jonathan Owens’ viral interview. While appearing on “The Pivot” podcast in December 2023, Jonathan, 28, sparked controversy when he said he didn’t know who Simone, 27, was when they started dating.

Eyebrows were also raised when host Ryan Clark asked the NFL player if he thought he was “the catch” in a relationship. Jonathan replied, “I always say that the men are the catch.” Now, Simone is ready to share her honest reaction to the interview and the fallout that followed.

“I thought it was hilarious at first, and then [people] hurt my feelings,” Simone said on the April 17 episode of the “Call Her Daddy” podcast. “One night, I broke down and I’m like, ‘Why are you guys talking about my husband like this? Like, you don’t know him. You don’t know who he is. And if anybody’s met him, they know he’s the sweetest guy and will do anything for anybody.’”

While the Olympic gold medalist is used to being in the spotlight and facing criticism, she was surprised by the heat her husband faced.

“That really hurt that they were talking about my husband like that, because for me, it’s like, ‘Talk about me all you want, but don’t come for my family — never,’” she told host Alex Cooper. “I’ve been in the limelight long enough where I can brush things off, have my little powwow about it. You’re not going to know I cried about it, but I be crying about some stuff. But I only cry about it because I can’t clap back. Just know that.”

Simone said she was in the room when the interview occurred and thought her husband did a great job. Once she checked social media, however, she realized the public had a different perception.

“I didn’t think anything of that interview, and he never said I wasn’t a catch,” Simone explained. “He said he was a catch. Because he is. I’ve never met a man like him. A lot of people that meet him are like, ‘Oh my gosh, I want a man like that, like Jonathan.’”

Ultimately, the couple appear to be stronger than ever as Simone works to earn a spot on the Team USA gymnastic team for the 2024 Olympics in Paris.

“My heart, my rock and my best friend all in one,” Jonathan wrote via Instagram on March 14. “I love you so much baby. This is going to be a special year for you and I can’t wait to support you every step along the way.”

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