Sea of Thieves launches on PlayStation in April

Sea of Thieves launches on PlayStation in April

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Following the launches of Grounded, Pentiment.

Artwork for the four Xbox games coming to PlayStation, including Sea of Thieves.

Image credit: Microsoft

Xbox has announced a PlayStation release date for Sea of Thieves, its popular pirate live service game from British studio Rare.

PlayStation 5 players will be able to wishlist the game beginning tomorrow, 22nd February, ahead of its launch on Sony’s console on 30th April.

A blog post from Microsoft tonight also confirms PlayStation dates for Pentiment (tomorrow, 22nd February) and Grounded (16th April) – the same as the dates confirmed for Switch in the Nintendo Direct earlier.

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Said blog post also firms up the leaked Hi-Fi Rush launch date released by Bethesda earlier today seemingly by accident – that is indeed 19th March.

Both Pentiment and Grounded will come to PS4 as well as PS5. Hi-Fi Rush and Sea of Thieves will be PS5 only.

Should further reassurance for upset Xbox fans be needed, Microsoft notes how these four games simply “join franchises like Minecraft, Call of Duty, Overwatch and Diablo – which already reach players and fans on multiple platforms”.

Last week, Xbox laid out its multiplatform future in a notably cautious manner via a podcast, following earlier reports it was mulling PlayStation launches for bigger games such as Starfield and Indiana Jones.

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