Retro survival horror Heartworm’s release window slips to 2025

Retro survival horror Heartworm’s release window slips to 2025

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“I wish I could say it was coming this year, but with the delays, we have no choice but to push things back.”


Image credit: Vincent Adinolfi / DreadXP

DreadXP has confirmed its upcoming retro psychological survival horror game, Heartworm, will be released in 2025.

Designed for people who “love early console-era survival horror games with cinematic fixed camera angles and low-fidelity visuals”, Heartworm is described as “a nostalgia-wrapped nightmare with a compelling narrative that tackles themes of grief and obsession, supported by a haunting soundtrack, surreal visuals, and pre-rendered cutscenes”.

Heartworm Trailer | Coming 2025

Heartworm Trailer | Coming 2025.

Heartworm developer Vincent Adinolfi had originally hoped to release Heartworm this year, but after losing its publisher, launching a Kickstarter, cancelling a Kickstarter, and then finding a new publisher in DreadXP, Adinolfi says “with the delays we have had there’s no choice but to push things back – I hope you can understand”.

If that feels like too long a wait, you can try before you buy courtesy of a free playable demo that’s currently available on Steam.

Heartworm was initially part of indie collaboration The Haunted PS1 Demo Disc, one of 17 horror games inspired by the PlayStation 1 era.

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