Prison Architect gets a 3D sequel in March

Prison Architect gets a 3D sequel in March

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Prison Architect 2 artwork showing off the game's new 3D visuals, a big change from its predecessor.

Image credit: Double Eleven

Popular jail simulator Prison Architect will get a 3D successor, and it’ll release on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S on 26th March.

British developer Double Eleven and publisher Paradox Interactive made the announcement today, and confirmed a £35 pricetag ($40/€40).

As you can see from the reveal trailer below, Prison Architect 2 (as it’s unsurprisingly titled) has been rebuilt from the ground up as a 3D experience, unlocking the ability to build across multiple floors in a sandboxy environment with ease.

A first look at Prison Architect 2.

Prison Architect 2 also features a connection system, which will impact who your inmates consider, well, mates – who they hang out with and who their enemies are.

“A greater degree of player freedom, impactful choices, and inmate simulation come together to provide an enhanced presentation of prison management, in a 3D world,” said game director Gareth Wright.

“Staple and much-loved features return to manage your inmates, quell riots, prevent escapes, and share your prisons, but now cross-platform! In addition to a new upgrade system, a new Career Mode, and more.”

The original Prison Architect launched back in 2015 and was a critical and commercial success, spawning numerous expansions. “Emerging from Early Access lean and focused, Prison Architect is one of the best management games in a long time,” Paul Dean wrote in Eurogamer’s Prison Architect review.

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