Discusses the treatment of Ukrainians who suffered in the war in Latvia

On Thursday, January 26, the Minister of Health Līga MenĐelsone met with microsurgeons Olaf Libermans and Mārtiņas Malzubri to discuss the provision of support to Ukrainian soldiers who suffered in the war in hospitals in Latvia for reconstructive surgery.

“Latvia is and will be a support for the Ukrainian people. Currently, Latvia provides support to Ukrainians who have suffered in the war within the framework of the cooperation agreement of health care institutions. After listening to the recommendations of the microsurgeons, I will discuss the possibilities of improving the provision of assistance in our inpatient and rehabilitation institutions,” admitted the Minister of Health Līga Menľelsone, emphasizing that the assistance should be coordinated and coordinated with the Ministries of Health and Defense of Ukraine.

In 2022, a total of 130 Ukrainian soldiers injured in the war were transported to Latvia and received health care services at the Riga Eastern Clinical University Hospital (RAKUS) and the National Rehabilitation Center (NRC) “Vaivari”.

RAKUS 43 injured received examinations, specialist consultations, performed surgical operations, post-operative rehabilitation measures, provided medical care. “Vaivari” received 89 soldiers, as well as several civilians injured in the war. NRC “Vaivari” provided rehabilitation to soldiers in cases of multiple and combined functional disorders after polytraumas with damage to the central and peripheral nervous system, including spinal cord damage, complicated bone fractures, amputations, providing prosthetics as well.

Latvia plans to help wounded Ukrainian soldiers this year as well, continuing the cooperation between Latvian and Ukrainian hospitals. This year, Latvia could host around 120 Ukrainian soldiers.

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