OlliOlli dev’s acclaimed skate shooter Rollerdrome out on Xbox in November

OlliOlli dev’s acclaimed skate shooter Rollerdrome out on Xbox in November

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And it’s coming to Game Pass too.

A highly stylised screenshot of Rollerdrome showing the player character rollerskating into a large outdoor arena situated between snow-covered mountains.
Image credit: Roll7/Private Division

Rollerdrome, the acclaimed (and ridiculously stylish) skater shooter from OlliOlli developer Roll7, is launching for Xbox Series X/S and Game Pass on 28th November.

Rollerdrome, which debuted on PC and PlayStation toward the end of last year, is set in the far-flung future of seven years from now, where, in a world ruled by corporations, the public is kept placated by a brutal blood sport known, as, yes, Rollerdrome.

Thrust into this dystopian set-up, players, in the role of Kara Hasson, don rollerskates and raise weapons – specifically, dual pistols, a grenade launcher, shotgun, and eventually, a laser-crossbow – for some high-speed third-person shooting action, where performing tricks restores ammo and bullet-time-style slo-mo can be deployed for greater success against opponents.

Rollerdrome accolades trailer.

Eurogamer’s Chris Tapsell liked Rollerdrome a lot at launch last year, calling it “one of the most breathlessly stylish and casually, outrageously cool games you’ll ever play” in his Essential review. “And good grief, what fun,” he wrote. “Few games sing for you like this. Few systems compliment and combine so elegantly and relentlessly… And no game has ever been so cool.”

Rollerdrome will be available on Xbox Series X/S as of 28th November, and it joins Game Pass for PC, console, and cloud on the same day.

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