“No use poking.” Žagar about the future of Daile Theater

Since Juris Žagars and the artistic director Viesturs Kairišs have taken over the reins of Daile Theatre, changes and new directions have been felt in the theater. Some think that the ideas and works are too European and incomprehensible to our society, while others praise the theater’s courage to take risks and create something new. Andris Bulis and the program “Iečeko slavenibu” went to Jura Žagar to better understand the current situation and to find out what changes are expected in the theater this season.

Juris Žagars compares the theater to a sports motorcycle – either ride it at full power, or it’s better not to ride it at all.

“I’ll say this, there’s no point in poking and prodding and sitting still. Every year is expensive.

To stay at the world and European level, you have to create a good product that will appeal to the audience. Such a setup also requires attracting high-level directors and actors, who may not even be from Latvia.

He has also received condemnation and criticism for such choices, but as he says, “the audience comes to watch good shows and they don’t care if the director is Latvian or Chinese.”

Žagar is said to have received a reprimand at the national level as well, namely that one should choose one’s own, local directors and actors, and not spend money on foreigners. The director of the theater does not agree with this idea and principle, saying that the best should be chosen, regardless of nationality.

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