Nintendo Switch 2 will be backwards compatible, leak claims

Nintendo Switch 2 will be backwards compatible, leak claims

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And current Switch games will reportedly benefit from the additional processing power, too.

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Nintendo Switch 2 will be backwards compatible.

That’s according to Universo Nintendo, a Portuguese website that claims the Switch 2 will not only have backwards compatibility with Switch titles currently available on Nintendo’s handheld system, but developers will also be able to “enhance” these games thanks to the additional processing power.

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The report – which hails from the Portuguese podcast X do Controle by PH Brazil and was shared across social media by Centro Leaks – further asserts that rumours about a Nintendo Direct coming next week are indeed true, and claims that we’ll finally have confirmation about Nintendo’s badly-kept secret system at a hardware reveal event sometimes in March.

There are also rumours that we’ll be getting a Pokémon presentation later this month, too (thanks, TheGamer).

Rumors via Universo Nintendo:

– Switch 2 is gonna have backwards compatibility with OG Switch titles
– Both for physical and digital games
– Devs can enhance their Switch 1 games to take advantage of the added processing power
– Reiterates a Direct is coming next week, and the…

— Centro LEAKS (@CentroLeaks) February 11, 2024

Fans are particularly excited because Universo Nintendo has previously, and correctly, revealed the details of unannounced Nintendo Directs ahead of time before, as well as dropped the name of Sonic x Shadow Generations early, too.

In related news, yesterday we reported on a new report that also claims Nintendo Switch 2 is expected later this year and will feature a custom-made Nvidia chip.

Nvidia is reportedly building an entirely new business unit to focus on designing bespoke chips for hardware firms and has designed a custom design for the next iteration of Nintendo’s handheld system. The report adds credence to rumours that Nvidia had also been courting Microsoft to secure the contract for next-gen’s Xbox console recently, too.

Last month, Apex Legends maker EA said it can’t “acknowledge” Switch 2, but “new platforms are good for us”, following a report that Switch 2 will feature a larger eight-inch LCD screen.

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