New PS5 shareable links will let recipients join multiplayer sessions without being PSN friends

New PS5 shareable links will let recipients join multiplayer sessions without being PSN friends

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Arriving “in the coming months”.

An image of three phone screens showing the process of generating and sharing a PS5 multiplayer link using the PlayStation App.

Image credit: Sony

Sony has revealed a new PS5 feature that’ll let players generate shareable links enabling others to quickly jump into their multiplayer sessions without needing to be PSN friends first.

Once the feature arrives – at some point in “the coming months”, according to Sony – players will be able to create links either directly on their PlayStation 5 console or using the PlayStation App. The resulting link can then be shared as a simple URL or a scannable QR code via the social media or messaging platform of their choice.

Additionally, Sony is working on a Discord widget version of the link feature that, when posted into chat, will dynamically refresh to show the multiplayer session’s status – so recipients can immediately see if it’s still active and worth hopping into.

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As per Sony’s announcement, its new link feature is “designed to complement existing methods of joining a session from within a PS5 game and is consistent for any supported PS5 game.” However, a “small percentage” of titles may require an update before the session joins will work seamlessly.

And that’s not quite everything; Sony is also working on making it possible to generate a link that’ll point directly to a player’s PlayStation Network profile, so the recipient can, say, quickly send a friend request. This feature is due “in the coming months” too.

“These are just a few of the steps we’re taking to make it easier for you to connect with players online and jump into multiplayer sessions together,” Sony concludes. “We’re committed to ongoing innovation in this space and listening to your feedback, so let us know what you think!”

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