My emotions get the better of me

My emotions get the better of me
Troy Deeney is yet to see Forest Green win in his six games since taking over as head coach in December

Forest Green boss Troy Deeney says his emotions “can get the better of him” and has apologised for criticising players after their loss to Harrogate.

He also singled out defender Fankaty Dabo, calling his performance “awful”.

“I apologised to Dabo and I apologised to the group afterwards because some things should be kept in the changing room,” Deeney said.

“I don’t apologise for what I said, I just apologised as it was said in public.”

Deeney was appointed head coach on 20 December following the sacking of David Horseman, having joined the Gloucestershire team in a player-coach role last summer.

The team have drawn three and lost three of his six games since and remain rooted to the bottom of League Two, seven points from safety.

The former Watford and Birmingham captain said he spoke to his players on Monday.

“Every now and again my emotions get the better of me – but it’s not for trying to dig people out to blame, it’s because I love so hard,” Deeney told BBC Radio Gloucestershire.

“I love the fact that they are embracing the challenge, I love the fact they are trying their hardest, but I can’t see people – and a collective group of people – squander away such a good opportunity.

“I did my work and I did my time, essentially. I know this is going to happen if we carry on the way we were – people will be leaving here, falling out of football and then going into a really dark place because they’re going through the motions, and not making a stamp and giving their best effort.

“It just means you run hard, you turn up on time and you give your best every single day, and if you fall short then – as we all know as our parents told us – you can look yourself in the mirror.

“But at the moment, especially after Saturday, not everybody could have done that, and that’s the bit I struggle with.”

Deeney has made 18 appearances for Forest Green this season in all competitions but, while he remains in a player-coach role, he has yet to play since being appointed last month.

He said that while he was “tempted” to start himself and was not injured, the lack of other coaches at the club would make things difficult.

“If I come off the bench, who’s going to make the subs? Because we’ve only got one coach,” Deeney said.

“We’re working hard at getting another striker in, but I did join in training [on Monday] and I’ve still got a little bit left, so we’ll see.”

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