Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation II ‒ Episode 21

Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation II ‒ Episode 21

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This episode is entirely about the reunion of Rudeus and Roxy. On the surface, it seems to be a cute little love story. They are two friends reunited—with Roxy starting to fall for the handsome young man Rudeus has become. Of course, in typical Musoku Tensei fashion, it’s far more complex than this.

To start, the pair are facing the same basic issue: they idolize each other to the point that they don’t truly see each other. For years, each has built up an image of the other that neither can hope to live up to. Remember, Rudeus is a man who literally prays for Roxy’s panties. She is his guiding star. So devastating is the idea that the person at the center of his world doesn’t even care enough to remember him makes him throw up on the spot. (Luckily, he’s able to understand that even if Roxy looks the same as before, he does not—and he is even able to do the obvious self-reflection that he did the same basic thing to Sylphy when they were reunited).

As for Roxy, her time with Rudeus both knocked her down a peg and gave her the drive she needed to succeed in life. Learning that she wasn’t as special as she thought she was allowed her the state of mind needed to go out and learn more—reaching heights professionally that she may not have reached otherwise. She may not see him as a deity made flesh but she certainly holds him in high regard.

The issue they’re currently having is that, while Roxy’s feelings are changing, Rudeus’ are static. She is able to see him as both the boy whose natural talent changed the course of her life and the dashing young man who came to her rescue. The fact that he treats her as an adult despite her size only makes her more attracted to him. He, however, continues to worship her more than anything.

That said, this episode leaves me wondering if Rudeus is as oblivious to Roxy’s growing feelings as it seems. On one hand, the idea that his goddess could be attracted to him as a man would be beyond anything he’d ever dare hope for. But on the other, over the days they’ve spent together—inside and outside of the dungeon—he has never once spoken aloud about Sylphy or their soon-to-be-born child. It feels like a part of him is enjoying the attention—a part that knows bringing up that he is married will end it. In the end, he’s just setting Roxy up for emotional heartbreak by not cluing her to the reality of the situation for the sake of his ego.

Luckily, thanks to the plot getting in the way, he’s able to put off any awkward conversations for a bit longer. And perhaps we’ll finally learn how exactly Rudeus’ mom has been able to survive in this dungeon for years when the party steps through the mysterious teleporter ahead of them.


Random Thoughts:

• When you think about it, the rest of the party are kinda assholes too by not telling Roxy about Rudeus’ marital status.

• I wonder how Zenith and Lilia would react to being compared to the swords that Paul uses.

• Rudeus doesn’t treat Roxy like a kid simply because he was (and still kinda is) an adult in a kid’s body. He can totally empathize with her.

• I wonder what it is about Nanahoshi that turns Rudeus off so much that he can’t even imagine her as a romantic partner? Maybe it’s the simple fact that he knows she’d never be happy with him in this world.

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