Morocco: Rabab Cheddar chases Olympic dreams while fasting Ramadan

Morocco: Rabab Cheddar chases Olympic dreams while fasting Ramadan

Rabab Cheddar, Moroccan flyweight boxer

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Moroccan flyweight boxer Rabab Cheddar is pushing her limits in pursuit of a dream: qualifying for the upcoming Paris Olympics. But her journey is unlike that of many athletes.

Cheddar trains during the holy month of Ramadan, where fasting from sunrise to sunset is observed.

“I prepare normally, as usual,” Cheddar says. Sweat drips from her face as she practices with other female and male boxers in a worn down gym in Casablanca. ”Currently, during the month of Ramadan, I train before and after breaking fast, in order to remain fully prepared. This is in order to be ready at anytime the national team calls up.”

Despite the difficulties, Cheddar perseveres. “My chances of qualifying for the Olympics are high,” the 33-year-old explains her journey. ”I will participate in the Mandela African Boxing Cup in South Africa, and this is an incentive to prepare for the Olympic Games qualifications that will be held in Thailand.”

Rabab returns home at sunset to share iftar (breaking fast) with her family. “We athletes enjoy the month of Ramadan because it is an opportunity to refocus and turn to God and ask for our wishes to be fulfilled,” she reflects. ”It is considered a retreat for us athletes”.

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