Miko Mitsuki’s Shōnen Bride -Dansō Reijō to Kuro Shosei

Miko Mitsuki’s Shōnen Bride -Dansō Reijō to Kuro Shosei

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Manga about prestigious family’s “only son” hiding her real identity as woman launched in 2020

© Miko Mitsuki, Shogakukan

This year’s ninth issue of Shogakukan‘s Sho-Comi magazine revealed on Friday that Miko Mitsuki‘s Shōnen Bride -Dansō Reijō to Kuro Shosei- (Boy Bride -The Cross-Dressing Lady and Black Student-) manga will start its final arc in the magazine’s next issue on April 19, which also signals the manga’s return, after its latest arc finished on February 5.

The manga tells the story of Ren from a prestigious family, who poses as a man, and the only son of the family, but is actually a woman. A student named Kazuomi discovers her secret, and they start a secret romance.

Mitsuki launched the manga as a one-shot in Shogakukan‘s Sho-ComiX magazine in January 2020. The manga started its full serialization in Sho-ComiX in May 2020, until the series moved to Sho-Comi in March 2023. Shogakukan published the manga’s first compiled book volume in January 2021, and the ninth volume on March 26.

Mitsuki (Momo Lover, Love Knife, Angelique Retour ~Secret Side~) ended the Teito Hatsukoi Shinjū manga in November 2020. The manga launched in Sho-Comi in December 2016. The manga published a side story chapter in the “February 14” issue of Sho-ComiX in January 2021.

Mitsuki launched the Honey Blood manga in Sho-Comi in 2008. The series’ second and final volume shipped in 2010. Viz Media released the manga under its Shojo Beat line.

Source: Sho-Comi issue 9

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