Midori Amagaeru’s Online! The Unbeatable Game Light Novel Ends in 27th Volume

Midori Amagaeru’s Online! The Unbeatable Game Light Novel Ends in 27th Volume

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Novel series’ 26th volume releases on Wednesday; 27th, final volume to release on May 9

Image via Kadokawa’s website

© Midori Amagaeru, Shinichirō Ōtsuka, Kadokawa

Writer Midori Amagaeru revealed on their X (formerly Twitter) account that their Online! The Unbeatable Game light novel series will end in its 27th volume on May 9. The novels’ 26th volume (image right) will release on Wednesday.

Yen Press licensed the novel series and released the first volume on December 12. Yen Press describes the story:

It’s not about winning… It’s life-and-death! One by one, students stop coming to school, and rumors spread that a cursed video game is behind the disappearances. Mai Yashiro wants nothing to do with it, but then a mysterious console appears in her bag. A creepy voice gives Mai a choice: play the game or lose everyone she cares about. She chooses to protect her loved ones, but any sense of relief is short-lived. It turns out dying in the game has terrible real-world consequences. Thankfully, she’s not alone, and she teams up with her schoolmates Asagi and Sugiura to beat the game. The odds are stacked against them, but they’re playing to win―even if they have to risk their lives!

Amagaeru launched the novel series with illustration by Shinichirō Ōtsuka in 2011.

Amagaeru and Tsukasa Kyoka launched the novels’ manga adaptation titled Online!: The Comic on DeNA‘s MangaBox app in 2013. The English version of the app, which also launched in 2013, also published the manga digitally in English, until MangaBox discontinued its English app. The manga’s “first season” ended in its 15th compiled book volume in June 2021. The manga started its “final season” with its 16th volume, which published digitally in December 2021. The latest 19th volume published digitally on November 1.

Source: Midori Amagaeru‘s X/Twitter account

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