Mercedes-Benz Produces Limited-Run PlayStation 5 Car

Mercedes-Benz Produces Limited-Run PlayStation 5 Car

2 titans of auto and gaming industries come together for limited-edition collaboration

For nearly 100 years, the German car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz has been making luxury vehicles. Among the company’s vehicles, the A-Class small luxury car is one of its most popular. Now, in a surprising partnership between Mercedes-Benz Italy and Sony, they are producing a limited run of PlayStation 5 inspired A-Class vehicles.

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News of the partnership came out in early December 2023. Dubbed the A-Class Vibes, according to the Mercedes-Benz Italy homepage the vehicle features a Digital White exterior, blue ambient [interior] lights, and black leather interior. PlayStation Italia posted a video on its official YouTube channel highlighting the vehicle:

The questions are how many will be produced and the cost? Thankfully, Twitter user Zubi_Tech and TGT SGP reported on both. Regarding the latter, the A-Class Vibes will be, “exclusively online, on the Mercedes-Benz store, at a price of 55,677 euros” (about US$60,906.74). On top of this, buyers will also receive a PS5 Digital Edition console and a digital copy of Gran Turismo 7 if the purchase is finalized at a trusted Mercedes-Benz dealership.

Sony Interactive Entertainment And Mercedes-Benz Italy Announce An Exclusive Partnership:

“The PlayStation 5 console becomes a source of inspiration for the configuration of the A-Class Vibes: a new limited edition car made in just 50 units, immediately available, exclusively…

— @Zuby_Tech (@Zuby_Tech) December 5, 2023

Sony Interactive Entertainment and Mercedes-Benz Italia announce an exclusive partnership

PlayStation 5 becomes a source of inspiration for the configuration of the A-Class Vibes
A new limited edition car made in just 50 units, immediately available, exclusively online, on the…

— GT | SGP (@ShareGamePlay) December 5, 2023

Sadly, according to the same Twitter users Mercedes-Benz has only produced 50 A-Class Vibes. Considering the price point of the vehicle and the general popularity of the PS5, one would think more units would be produced. We also have to take into account the A-Class Vibes is being sold through Mercedes-Benz Italy, so people outside the Eurozone likely won’t be able to purchase one. Yet, since purchases can be finalized at a Mercedes-Benz dealership, this may not be the case. Unfortunately, there have been no reports on in which countries people can purchase the A-Class Vibes.

While many may want to drive in style in the limited-edition PS5 inspired Mercedes-Benz A-Class Vibes, it’s a dream that likely won’t come true with only 50 units potentially only being sold in the Eurozone. Hopefully, Mercedes and Sony will continue and expand their partnership for buyers of luxury vehicles for all regions around the world.

Sources: Mercedes-Benz Italy, PlayStation Italia YouTube, Zubi_Tech, GT SGP via Hachima Kikō

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