Mauricio Pochettino admits relationship with Chelsea fans is missing key ingredient

Mauricio Pochettino admits relationship with Chelsea fans is missing key ingredient

Mauricio Pochettino has admitted that he doesn’t feel loved by Chelsea supporters but completely understands their position given results this season.

Pochettino arrived at Stamford Bridge last summer with the goal of leading Chelsea back towards the top of the Premier League table, but there have yet to be any real improvements on the field and his side remain in the bottom half of the standings.

It has led to a frosty atmosphere at times – some supporters have chanted the name of former boss Jose Mourinho during games – and Pochettino believes Chelsea fans are right to feel frustrated towards his team.

Asked whether he is feeling the love, Pochettino told Sky Sports: “No, no, I need to be honest with you, no because I understand they were winning the Champions League, they won cups, the Premier League. Why are the fans going to love me after six, seven months?

“We are in a final but we are not in a good position in the table in the Premier League. I think at the moment I feel the respect from the fans, I see them on the street and they are all nice to me, but I cannot lie.”

Pochettino also admitted that he has had to take a different approach to working with this youthful Chelsea squad this season, insisting there is more to being a manager than simply managing the squad.

Pochettino has had a tough start to life at Chelsea / Sebastian Frej/MB Media/GettyImages

“I always think it is about reading the situation and listening to other coaches and you need to evolve,” he reflected. “The kids are not the same as 20 years ago. It’s easy to come here and be very tough and shout and talk and say things that maybe make me feel good because I can shout and scream, but I think it has zero impact on the player.

“I think you need to touch, unlock, talk. I put them in front of a mirror and say look what do you want to see, in which way do I see you, I need you to show me that you can improve and learn and do this thing in a different way. It’s so important today being a coach you have to have knowledge about football, tactics and everything and we are also fathers, friends, and professional psychologist.

“It’s so important how you approach a group and players. It’s quite a unique project here, when you change the project and try and create something you always try and find a way to tackle problems. I think young players need to adapt and deal with the pressure and perception that the fans have when you pay that much money and the amount you earn. Sometimes you need a few months, sometimes you need a year. There are a lot of situations here like that.

“It’s a massive job you can’t put them all in a dressing room and the magic just happens. We need to work and we’re working really hard, and maybe people find it difficult to appreciate it. It feels that for sure in the future we are going to benefit.”


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