Masami Kurumada’s Otoko-Zaka Manga Ends in 5 Chapters

Masami Kurumada’s Otoko-Zaka Manga Ends in 5 Chapters

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Masami Kurumada revealed on his website on Friday that his Otoko-Zaka (Man’s Hill) manga will end in five chapters, starting on October 14 on Shonen Jump+.

Otoko-Zaka‘s initial eight-chapter revival began in Shū Play News, the official website of Shueisha‘s Weekly Playboy magazine, in June 2014 after three decades of hiatus.

The manga moved to Shonen Jump+ in 2017 with the “Keikai Otome” arc. The manga’s 10th compiled book shipped in November 2020. The book had previously announced that the manga’s 11th volume would be the last.

The manga’s story is set in the town of Kujūkuri in Chiba. Jingi Kikukawa is the unrivaled alpha male of the Tōun Middle School student body, and he has never lost a fight in 13 years. However, he goes down in defeat against Shō Takeshima, the ringleader in Western Japan who has his sights on the entire country. Jingi undergoes dangerous training in the art of fighting with Kenka-Oni, a demon who lives in Oniyama.

Kurumada (Saint Seiya, Ring ni Kakero) first serialized the manga in Shueisha‘s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine from 1984 to 1985. He said, “I became a manga creator to draw this manga.” However, the series remained incomplete at three volumes for nearly 30 years. The manga never inspired an anime, but Seisei Ruten: Kurumada-ism, a 2005 CD of songs with lyrics written by Kurumada, featured an “Otoko-Zaka” song.

Source: Masami Kurumada‘s website

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