Mao Ningen’s Ageo to Tim Web Manga Gets TV Anime Next April

Mao Ningen’s Ageo to Tim Web Manga Gets TV Anime Next April

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Manga about finding own happiness launched on February 4

The official Twitter account of Mao Ningen‘s Ageo to Tim (Ageo and Tim) web manga announced on October 17 its television anime adaptation, which will air in April 2024 on TV TOKYO‘s children’s variety program Oha Suta.

Image via Ageo to Tim manga’s Twitter account


The manga tells the story of certain creatures living on a planet on the edge of the universe, who are caught by the waves of society to “aim for something” and “achieve something.” But these creatures have no certain big dreams or goals in life, and decide to find happiness in life in their own way.

Ningen launched the manga on their blog on February 4.

A short animation of the manga started playing once every hour at 109 Forum Vision at the Shibuya Station Crossing on September 30, and a new series of the manga’s short animation will start playing on October 30. The short animations are scheduled to play at 109 Forum Vision until March 31, 2024.

Sources: Ageo to Tim manga‘s X/Twitter account, Comic Natalie

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