Lisa Marie Presley Felt Protected During COVID, Vulnerable Pre-Golden Globes

Lisa Marie Presley Felt Protected During COVID, Vulnerable Pre-Golden Globes

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Lisa Marie Presley could not handle the stress leading up to the Golden Globes, because she had become used to feeling anonymous during COVID, and felt fully exposed during the roll up to the Golden Globes … sources tell TMZ.

Family sources tell TMZ … Lisa actually felt comfortable during COVID, because she could leave her home masked up and no one knew it was her … including paparazzi.

Lisa’s world was rocked to the core in July, 2020, when her son Benjamin died by suicide. As we reported, our family sources say were it not for her 14-year-old twins, Lisa would have followed in Benjamin’s path.

As she was dealing with her grief, we’re told Lisa did not want to be seen by anyone. On the occasions when she ventured out of her home, she felt protected with a mask covering much of her face … she was not spotted by anyone, and it proved comforting.

Lisa spend most of her time at home in 2021 and 2022, but 3 months before the Golden Globes, we’re told she realized she would be a public centerpiece for the “Elvis” movie, and it freaked her out.

TMZ broke the story … Lisa had gained weight over the last few years, and went on a dramatic weight loss program. We’re told she lost 40 to 50 pounds in the 6 weeks leading up to the Globes.  It was apparently during Lisa’s interview with Billy Bush, something was off.

As one source put it, she was “obsessed” with looking her best for awards season. A family source put it bluntly … “Were it not for the Golden Globes, Lisa might be alive today.”

Our sources say she was so stressed out over the Globes, we’re told she started taking opioids again … something that dogged her much of her adult life.

The L.,A. County Coroner is awaiting toxicology results before determining cause of death.

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