Ļevs Berezins: “Each influencer always has a choice to advertise gambling or not”

Today, almost all fields suffer losses due to the crisis or increased costs. Today, many athletes, artists, influencers or thought leaders are losing supporters. But looking at the Latvian market, cooperation with gambling representatives has always been and still is at the top – they are, of course, internet casinos and totalizers.

I think absolutely every person knows that
1) you can raise a normal pitch in totalizers
2) stick very solidly.
But I doubt that anyone will advertise point 2.

Every influencer always has the choice to promote gambling or not.

In modern marketing, the most popular concept is “Native marketing” or “secret marketing” or “disguise marketing”. This is a hidden ad that is usually integrated into the content. It could be an inscription on a hat, part of the name of a program or sports team, cosmetics or drinks to be used in some kind of live broadcast, etc. It’s as if no one aggressively advertises anything, but those things catch the eye of every viewer.

Looking at the fact that gambling has very strict marketing rules in all countries, so the only way is Native marketing. It entered the Latvian market gradually since sometime in 2018 and already today almost every second thought leader has cooperation with gambling companies.

How it gets? This is, of course, advertising of bets on major sports events, live “streams” on twitch or telegram platforms, advertising of job opportunities for internet casino representatives on influencer accounts and much more. Why is it? Because there was always and is money there. And in the Baltics there are mostly companies that are representatives of large-scale brands in the world or their branches, and in our market several companies can be owned by one, but no one knows about it.

We have been working with influencers since 2014 and we see that this marketing is gradually signing up new thought leaders. Of course, there are cases when an influencer can opt out. Those cases are when the person’s position is related to religious affairs or the person/organization works closely with the state and simply cannot afford to sign such cooperation.

No one knows when some big players will appear in the market of sponsors or supporters in Latvia. But let’s say that currently in the sports industry there is clearly visible support from large construction companies, which rapidly helps the sport to develop and of course motivates the athletes themselves or potential champions. Let’s hope for good times and wait for new supporters, because I think that the global future and global changes in the world market depend on sponsors.

We remind you that Levs Berezins is a representative of the “Balticevents.info” company, which has been cooperating with influencers for several years, as well as with large-scale entertainment and sports events.

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