Kurumi Mizuki’s Scabiosa Manga Ends

Kurumi Mizuki’s Scabiosa Manga Ends

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Image via Comic Owl’s Twitter account

© Kurumi Mizuki, Funguild

Funguild‘s Comic Owl digital label revealed on October 28 it has published the final chapter of Kurumi Mizuki‘s Scabiosa manga. All 18 chapters are now available on the website.

Mizuki launched the series on the Comic Owl platform in April 2021. Manga Planet licensed the manga for English publication in March. The series is also available on Renta! and Coolmic.

Renta! describes the series:

“I thought I was going to marry this person someday…” Chihiro lives with her lover, Takuma. However, because they hadn’t had sex in months, and Takuma doesn’t seem to be motivated for marriage, she breaks up with him. Chihiro decides to leave the house, but is unable to find suitable lodgings for her to move in. By Takuma’s suggestion, she ends up staying until her new home is found. In such a situation, Chihiro’s ideal man, Junpei, appears. They become lovers, but Chihiro is troubled since she can’t bring herself to tell him that she’s still living with her ex-boyfriend. On the other hand, Junpei also has his own set of problems…

Manga Planet announced it had merged with the futekiya manga subscription service in February.

Source: Comic Owl’s Twitter account

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