Kuo: New AirPods Max, HomePod mini, and low-cost AirPods to begin mass production in second half of 2024

Kuo: New AirPods Max, HomePod mini, and low-cost AirPods to begin mass production in second half of 2024

Respected Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo today said that he expects Apple to refresh its acoustic audio products beginning in the second half of 2024. Specifically, Kuo anticipates a new model of AirPods Max, the second-generation HomePod mini, and a new low-cost AirPods model to enter mass production at that time.

Shipments of these products would then roll out to customers between the end of 2024 and first half of 2025. With the HomePod (second-generation) launching today, and AirPods Pro being refreshed at the end of last year, it seems there will be a big stretch of time before we see any significant updates to Apple’s audio products lineup.

The AirPods Max headphones launched in December 2020, so a late 2024 refresh at the earliest would see that product remain unchanged for more than four years. There have been some rumors that Apple will refresh the color lineup in the meantime.

The HomePod mini was also launched in November 2020. Apple debuted new color options a year later, in November 2021. It also recently unlocked temperature sensing and humidity features through a software update. But again, Kuo does not expect the second-generation model to go on sale for a while, another four year span.

Kuo has mentioned the idea of low-cost AirPods coming in 2024 before, previously using the name ‘AirPods Lite’ to describe them. Essentially, they would be stripped down versions of current AirPods such that they can be sold at a cheaper price point, presumably so Apple can sell its truly-wireless earbuds at the magic $99 price point for the first time.

In all, it’s nice to hear that updates to these product lines are in the works. But 2H2024-1H-2025 means that we are still at least eighteen months away from these new products being available in customer’s hands. It’s been a long wait for fans of Apple’s audio products.

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