Kaiju No. 8 ‒ Episode 3

Kaiju No. 8 ‒ Episode 3

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Episode 3 of Kaiju No. 8 uses well-worn tropes to establish its footing without deviating too far from the norm.

The premise of this episode is nothing you haven’t seen before. Kafka and crew must perform in a regulated and monitored exercise to show their potential to join the defense forces. This sort of trial-run combat scenario is similar to many other examination arc scenarios where our hero and various side characters pit their mettle against foes, the clock, and their observers to try and make a name for themselves. It works fine within the show’s context, but Kaiju No. 8 is certainly not charting new territory in this sphere.

And for what it is, I think this all functions just fine. The premise is they all must test themselves against captured monsters—sure, that’s fine. The twist is that it’s not just about racking up kills; it’s also about cooperation and novel thinking—again, okay and par for the course. It works in an if-it-ain’t-broke-don’t-fix-it sort of way, and that’s perfectly acceptable.

The most interesting bits here are the comedic elements that Kaiju No. 8 brings to the table. Kafka whining about his lack of power from being in his 30s is pretty relatable—I promise you, kids, you will notice a few more slowdowns and aches as time catches up with you. The suits’ power level measuring Kafka at a flat zero percent is the perfect setup and payoff joke, and then we also get the triumphant ending where he manages to bump his power up a fraction. There’s also the back-and-forth between Kafka and Kikoru throughout the episode, which makes for good banter.

Sadly, the animation still feels a bit lackluster in most segments. The characters are expressive, and the monster designs are lively, but the actual character work in most scenes feels slightly off. I think they look…flat. I’m not saying they have to be hyper-detailed, but I think these simpler designs lend themselves to more fluidity and movement than we see. This simpler style works in comedy scenes, but the actual discussions/exposition between cast members is lacking.


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