Kacey Musgrave’s Makes Surprise Appearance at Zach Bryan Show: Watch

Kacey Musgrave’s Makes Surprise Appearance at Zach Bryan Show: Watch

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Over the weekend, Kacey Musgrave got her country on at Zach Bryan’s concert at the Nissan Stadium in Nashville.

“No, you’ll never be the man that you always swore but I’ll remember you singin’ in that ‘88 Ford,” the 35-year-old singer wrote on a picture she posted of the two singing on stage.

The 28-year-old country singer brought out Kacey to sing their duet hit “I Remember Everything.”

Kacey Musgraves joined Zach Bryan for a performance of their smash hit duet “I Remember Everything” at Nissan Stadium in Nashville.pic.twitter.com/TYwJzT9Nst

— Kacey Musgraves Access (@KaceyAccess) June 30, 2024

“I got asked if I wanted to do the song, and of course, I was like, ‘I’m down,’ but I wasn’t feeling well. Like my throat was hurting. I had just gone on like this trip. And they were like, ‘Well, we kind of have a deadline. Like, if you want to be on this song you kind of got to get it in by like, this day’ It was like in a couple of days and I was like alright – I’ll give it a shot. So I go to the studio and I’m like man my voice is not cooperating and I was like I hope this doesn’t really suck… But I got through the song and I did it and I was like alright I feel pretty good about that ,” she recalled the story of recording the song during an interview on the Today show.  

“I left the studio, and I went to the doctor immediately and I had strep. And I like, texted like the engineer. I was like, ‘I’m so sorry, I had strep, and I was just all up in your space’,” she continued.

The “Rainbow” singer shared other snaps of her two-piece denim set that were accompanied with matching cowboy boots and silver hoop earrings via an Instagram post captioned, “Baby’s got her blue jeans on.”

Prior to this Instagram carousel, she posted a video of herself strutting down the street to “These Boots Are Made For Walkin’” by Nancy Sinatra.

This performance comes months after she announced the release of her album Deeper Well. “My new album, Deeper Well, is out now. Grateful to be alive and continuously inspired by life’s little mysteries and pleasures. Massive thanks to my team and trusted collaborators,” she noted on her Instagram post.

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