Jenn Tran: 5 Things About The New Bachelorette

Jenn Tran: 5 Things About The New Bachelorette

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Love is still in the air for the new Bachelorette Jenn Tran who is ready to embark on her journey to find her Prince Charming on season 21 of the series.

The 26-year-old — who was born on November 24, 1997 in New Jersey— will return to the franchise tonight as she was last let go by Bachelor 28, Joey Graziadei, who ended his journey to finding love with fiancée Kelsey Anderson. 

Now if you missed her on Joey’s season Hollywoodlife has got you covered with 5 fun facts about the princess who awaits for her knight and shining armor:

Jenn becomes the first Asian Bachelorette 

The Bachelor nation alum was announced The Bachelorette in March and comes from a Vietnamese family. The reality dating show became inclusive with this selection making her the first Asian to be the main role, which was a big honor to her. She told The Associated Press, “I think about it every day, all the time. I think if I pushed it aside, that would be such a dishonor to me in who I am because being Asian American, that’s me.” 

She added, “My mom and I speak a lot of Vietnamese together. And I can’t wait for people to see that. That’s not something that people have seen before.”

Working Towards Becoming A Physician Assistant 

Jenn is currently a student studying to become a physician assistant at Barry University in Miami, Florida. She has been very open about her education on social media by sharing vlogs. Though many believe she had dropped out to be on the reality show, she confirmed “No, I did not drop out of school…I needed to ask permission for my school to go and do the show. I didn’t know how my PA school was going to look at me.What I did was  I wrote my academic advisor a very cryptic email saying that I needed to speak with her and then she called me on the phoneI was like this is the situation. I got so incredibly lucky because she was so supportive of it.”

She Is A DareDevil

The internet personality seems to be all in for the thrill and adventure. In recent teaser clips of the new season she is showcased on some dates skydiving and driving stunt cars during her journey to find love alongside 25 men.

Not Afraid To Tell The Truth

In recent events, former candidates on Joey’s season Daisy Kent and Maria Georgas revealed they were offered the role of bachelorette but gave it up to let Jenn have her moment. This of course came to surprise, to the now crowned leading lady as she states during an episode of “Call Her Daddy” podcast with Alex Cooper, “Obviously I didn’t have my phone at the time all of this was going down because we had went right into filming right after it was all announced…Coming back to all of that, yeah, obviously I was really disappointed to see all of that because, I mean, the truth of the matter is, there’s a lot of narratives out there and they’re not necessarily the truth.”

Dating 25 Men

The season 21 Bachelorette will be dating 25 men that are set to swoon over Jenn with their love.

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