Israel orders new evacuation of Gaza City

Israel orders new evacuation of Gaza City

Palestinians flee from the eastern side of the southern Gaza city of Rafah after the Israeli army orders them to evacuate ahead of a military operation, in Rafah, Gaza Strip,

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Scores of Gaza City residents evacuated on Sunday following new orders from Israel.

A large number of individuals, including men, women, and children, were observed leaving the city.

Some were assisting elderly or injured family members in wheelchairs, while others were carrying young children or carrying bags and jerrycans.

The majority of the 2.3 million residents have been displaced, often more than once.

Israel is still engaging with militant groups in Gaza after extensive bombing and ground operations that have severely impacted the main cities in the region.

Over the weekend, Hamas seemed to change its demand for Israel to end the war as a condition for a cease-fire.

Officials in the Middle East and the U.S. believe that the significant destruction caused by the Israeli offensive in Gaza has influenced Hamas to reconsider its position.

An estimated 85,000 people have left Shujaiyah district in eastern Gaza City in the north of the enclave in the last week, UNRWA noted, while latest data indicates that by last Tuesday, at least 66,700 more Gazans had been displaced from eastern Khan Younis and Rafah, both in the south, following new evacuation orders issued on Monday evening.

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