Investors look to cash in on D2T as CEX listing rises price by 33% – buy it now!

Investors look to cash in on D2T as CEX listing rises price by 33% – buy it now!

Dash 2 Trade (D2T) launched its first CEX listing last week, on Wednesday 11th January, and in the first few days, investors pumped the price up by 33%. This followed along with what many experts had predicted — that as soon as Dash 2 Trade listed on the open markets out of its presale, it would soar in value.

Those investors who got in on the early action during the D2T presale are certainly happy with the early results. But, there is still a lot of positive momentum and a huge upside for Dash 2 Trade. If you want to take advantage of the opportunity that this amazing new crypto project is presenting, then you better get involved now.

Here are some reasons why investors are buying up Dash 2 Trade.

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Making Crypto Trading Easier

For years, crypto trading was a major challenge, partly because there wasn’t a tool that could help traders whittle down all the data and information in an efficient and effective way. Dash 2 Trade is changing all of that. It’s a new crypto signals, bot and analytics platform that’s making it easier for crypto traders to make informed decisions that lead to more consistent and larger profits.

The Dash 2 Trade community had 70,000 traders at launch, and that user base is only expected to increase substantially in the near future. The Dash 2 Trade platform provides a wealth of information that traders can wade through. This is very similar to trading platforms that investors use for traditional asset markets, only catered specifically to crypto trading.

In addition to the typical buy/sell signals, D2T provides social signals that help traders to pay attention to what’s being talked about online. As many people know, the future value of crypto assets is often tied to the current social sentiment. But, pouring through all the various social media channels to see what’s being talked about can be difficult — especially with so many crypto projects on the market.

Dash 2 Trade helps to bring all of that information together in one place so traders can glean insights from social sentiment.

Proprietary Scoring for Presale Projects

One of the biggest and most unique features of the Dash 2 Trade platform is the proprietary scoring system it provides for all crypto presale projects. Presale projects often present some of the best investment opportunities in the market — see D2T itself, after all. 

The challenge for traders is that there are so many of these projects hitting the market every day that it’s simply very hard to keep track of them all. In addition, there isn’t any historical performance data to go on to draw any conclusions about whether the project will prove to be valuable or a dud.

D2T’s proprietary Dash Score system uses five categories of information on which they base whether a presale project is worth investing in or not. Each category carries its own weight, and the maximum score a project can get is 100. The closer to 100, the more attractive the project from an investment perspective.

The Dash Score takes into account things such as if the contract has been adequately audited, what the project’s tokenomics are, the credentials of the development team behind the project and other crucial metrics. The Dash Score can help crypto traders analyze presale projects and ICOs and decide whether it’s worth their investment or not. 

A big component of this is whether the presale project is credible or not, and the Dash Score will take this into consideration.

D2T tokenomics

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D2T Token Has Utility

From a pure investment perspective, the D2T token has a lot of utility, which is why traders are buying it up on the CEXs in the early stages of the listings. In order to receive a subscription to the trading platform, users have to purchase D2T tokens. While there’s a free tier so users can explore the platform, the full feature set — and the true power of the system — will only be unlocked by those who subscribe. The starter tier costs 400 D2T per month, while the professional tier costs 1,000 D2T per month. 

In addition, there will be trading competitions in which users can earn rewards in the D2T ecosystem. In order to participate in the competitions, users will need to have D2T tokens, giving it yet another utility.

Further, users are able to create their own strategies and make them available on Dash 2 Trade. If users share the strategies, it can be linked to a D2T reward if a certain threshold of users adopt that strategy. This is a great incentive for users to share their knowledge with others, which in turn makes everyone more successful traders.

Dash 2 Trade also has plans to roll out advanced tools such as back-testing that will use the strategy builder tool. Users will need to have D2T tokens in order to run this, and many are likely to use it because of the immense potential it brings them to figure out whether their strategies will be successful or not. d2T

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Buy Dash 2 Trade as the Listing Price Rises By 33%

Dash 2 Trade completely sold out of its presale tokens, which concluded an amazing run for the new crypto trading platform. Now that it’s available for trading on CEXs, the value is exploding. In just a little less than a week, the value of the D2T token exploded by 33%, as investors are seeing the immense potential that it’s bringing.

Don’t delay any further; get involved now in this amazing crypto investing opportunity. Dash 2 Trade is available on the CEXs of, LBank, BitMart and Changelly Pro. So, choose which CEX would be best for you, and get in on the amazing investment opportunity that Dash 2 Trade is providing both users and crypto traders.

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